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  • Patrick Fraser

Op-Ed: Do We Really Need Vaccines Anyway?

Like many, my four angels have returned home from school. While being with family is great, the swirling of news coverage can be overwhelming for us all. Every morning, the CBC (Canadian Baloney Corporation) exclusively details the coverage of the race to find some kind of vaccine for COVID-19. That’s right, people are apparently begging for one of these “weapons of the medical cartel”. 

Let’s be real, my family has been doing just great using REAL medicine. Every morning, I put a drop of rainwater infused with lemon and eucalyptus essential oils on their heads. Then, I sage each room, lighting a salt lamp for extra protection. For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a dry cough, so I filled my closet with salt and sat in there for a little while. I was cured!

Even as my children began to have difficulty breathing and they begged to be taken to the hospital, they eventually recovered just fine with the same treatments. My offspring and I are all thriving without a so-called “vaccine”. 

As everything shuts down I am realizing that all this pandemic is, is Mother Earth pointing out a major truth that should not be ignored. We cannot trust the medical community. We must return to the natural way of things avoid those doctors who keep trying to convince everyone that we "need to listen to their professional opinion". Just head over to your local Whole Foods like I have, and you can pick up everything you need to go about your life. Let the sheeple freak out over the lies we have been told by the government. 

While being stuck inside all day has exhausted us, the Darby clan will soon be back at our public parks playing a nice game of Kissing Tag, even if quarantine does not “officially” end.



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