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  • Sammy Edwards

Philosophy Grad Sells 'Barely Used' Degree on Craigslist

Letting go of one’s earthly possessions is easier said than done, but sometimes you need rent money more than you need a guitar signed by the non-Rivers Cuomo members of Weezer. It can be tough, but you just need to cut your losses and say, “I have no use for this.” In some cases, after months of contemplation, you’ll finally sell your hard-earned university degree that's proven to be worthless beyond bumping “Duct Tape Club Co-Chair” off your resume.

Someone who knows this feeling all too well is cash-strapped UofT alum Jamie Vera, who is selling his “barely used” Philosophy degree on Craigslist.

Despite emphasizing his degree’s mint condition, the Philosophy graduate was forced to settle for far below the initial asking price. After failing to sell his degree to the UofT Bookstore, followed by a few attempts to use it as payment for a plumber, Vera turned to the vicious world of online reselling. Frequenters of Craigslist commented that while the degree certainly looked like it “had not been used at all,” that didn’t make Vera’s asking price of half his tuition and the phone number of any cafe manager reasonable.

In the end, Vera was unable to score anything in return other than a Ryerson degree plus an inconveniently-sized wine decanter that his trade partner was a little too eager to offload. It wasn’t all bad, though––just by perusing the site, Vera was able to get a promising lead on some up-and-coming multi-level marketing schemes which are sure to supplement his losses. Said Vera, “See! I didn’t go to UofT for nothing!”

Photo Credit: Joseph Strauss



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