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  • Patrick Fraser

Poli Sci Student Lands Co-op as Premier of Maritime Province

TORONTO - For many students, co-op terms can be a source of anxiety. As the semester winds down, students race to acquire the best internships for the coming months. The competition within the Political Science department is particularly heated, with most applicants looking to land cushy positions at Bay Street law firms.

For Jack Aubrey, the upcoming semester promises a hands-on opportunity to see politics at work. Aubrey received the prestigious “Premier of Nova Scotia Award” for his B- average in third year. “I mean, sure, I’m excited to run the New Found Land [sic] or whatever for the term,” he says. “I’d rather be at Deloitte, but this is a good fallback.” While he has never properly visited the capital of Halifax, Aubrey assures The Boundary that he once transited through the airport en route to Europe.

“I’ve spent plenty of time in Prince Edward County, which can’t be that different from Prince Edward Island,” he exclaims, examining a map of the region. Aubrey initially met his co-op placement with disappointment, but has since adopted a glass-half-full attitude: “Who knows, maybe I can do some networking there. Their flag looks like a frat house flag, pretty cool. At least it’s not Saskatchewan.”

Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser & Nona Jalali



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