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  • Clare Mooney

Post-Nut Clarity "Just What Student Needed" to Solve Midterm Problem

This midterm season, students have been busier than ever. Between studying, writing, and walking to exams, students have almost no time for their normal activities. One student, Nate Hennessey, reports that he has been unable to engage in his daily “personal time.” Hennessey found himself so distracted during his MAT135 midterm he was forced to take some time for himself and reported that he simply, “did what had to be done.”

Once the distraction was eliminated, Hennessey became lightning focused. In a state of newfound clarity, he completed the problem he was struggling on with ease. Hennessey notes that he may make it an pre-exam ritual to “nut it up” and has recommended it to his fellow classmates as an easy way to hyperfocus.

When asked if he considered the potential consequences of his actions, Hennessey stated oblivious to his word choice that “grades always come first”. When questioned about any possible evidence from the scene Hennessey declined to comment. However, according to anonymous sources, Hennessey did not return his scrap paper after the exam.



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