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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Prof Offers to Fill Out Course Evaluations For You

Filling out course evaluations is apparently really important, according to our professors. They help the department figure out what courses to offer next year and determine the course of our professors’ lives. The University has handed its students the most powerful tool – no, not applicable knowledge or our money back – The Power of Feedback.

But our professors know how busy this time of year is for all non-Cinema students. So, generously, as is in their nature, some profs have offered to just fill them out for us. One professor, Larry Bernstein, told his ECO202 class that he’d be happy to “do you all a favour and get those bad boys done for you.” Hovering over a student’s shoulder, he was seen selecting “A Great Deal” to “I found the course intellectually stimulating” and “I found the professor to have a full head of hair.”

Another prof, Sheila Kicak, known for her near-impossible problem sets, finally started taking up answers with her MAT386 class. Having everyone pull up their course evaluations, she proceeded to explain why the right answer to “I would recommend this course to other students” is “Fuck yeah this course changed my life the professor is a walking angel and her makeup looks good today.”

On behalf of The Boundary, I would like to thank our professors for being so understanding during such a busy time. With stressful course evaluations off our plates, we have so much more time to focus on our 17-page final papers with no option for extension.



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