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  • Avi Agarwal

Prof's 'About Me' Slide Didn't Need to Include Body Count

As the new year kicks off, everyone is looking forward to meeting new people. Most of all, students are dying to learn about their professors-to-be! Thankfully, profs show up on the first day ready to share fascinating information about their studies and areas of interest. One Rotman professor however, decided to go above and beyond, really opening up on his About Me slide.

In an apparent attempt to establish a rapport and command respect from his students, Professor Stan Plumbo included his body count amongst his academic and professional accomplishments. Prof Plumbo reportedly told the lecture hall that he considers his “kills” among his greatest achievements, and that he almost included a slide detailing each experience, complete with ratings. Deciding to keep it a mystery, he instead told the class that if they wanted to discuss his “research” further, he would be happy to talk more during office hours.

The Boundary caught up with some of Plumbo’s students after lecture to hear what they thought of the Professor’s bold move. It seems that the majority of the class, made up of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs and sigma males, was quite impressed with Plumbo’s display. One student, Jake Simpson was overheard praising the “silver fox”. When asked to comment further on the prof’s presentation, Simpson declined, saying he had a whole two pages of reading to do.

Although he took a risk in opening up so much on the first day, it seems Prof Stan’s move paid off. He looks forward to a productive year, in more domains than one.



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