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  • Daniel Golden

Prospective Astronomer Successfully Weeded Out By AST101

Whether it’s MAT257 or ECO100 everybody knows that there are some courses at UofT that you’re simply not meant to pass. But for Isaac Brahe, prospective astronomer and Sputnik aficionado, the weeding out process, much like Venus’ dense atmosphere, has been particularly inhospitable.

“Houston, I have a problem!” announced Brahe, whose experiences in AST101 have led him to doubt that his career in the field was written in the stars. “After confusing my breakfast for a waning crescent and insisting in front of the class that my dad uses a Kuiper Belt to hold his pants up, I’m hardly over the moon”.

With his lifelong dreams eclipsed by this unforeseen obstacle, Brahe reports feeling weighed down by the gravity of the situation. Eager to avoid unfairly difficult courses in the future, he is considering transferring into Engineering or Chemistry.

“It’s on me I suppose” Brahe confesses, “I should’ve known the course would be difficult with a Scorpio teaching it”



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