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Proud Idiot Refuses to Use CR/NCR

After studying hard and “feeling pretty solid” about all of his exams, local blockhead third-year James Davis has chosen not to CR/NCR his courses. 

“Could you imagine wasting your life away working that hard? Like, think about all of that time and effort spent taking notes and attending lectures! I, on the other hand, pride myself in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ” said third-year Sarah Abdul, logging thirteen movies into Letterboxd.

“Fuck James, man. We get it, you’re a genius. No need to rub it in,” grumbled U of T hero Blake Foreshaw. A man of the people, Foreshaw is CR/NCRing his entire course load. 

Though Davis the Dullard and his terrible “3.9 GPA” may not be taking advantage of the unlimited aid that the administration has decided to offer (for free!), he still managed to have an opinion on it:

“I think it’s so great that U of T is making an effort to protect students’ GPAs during these unprecedented times. I’m fortunate enough not to need CR/NCR, but I fully understand how necessary of a policy it is to implement,” he bragged. We at The Boundary also think it’s great that Davis has begun to make an effort to protect his knuckles from road rash. 

Other news sources have incorrectly reported on Davis as an “accomplished student”, but The Boundary pities the poor idiot. 

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards



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