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"Reading Week Came Early!" Says Student Skipping All Their Classes

With over a month of the Winter semester in the books and January setting the bar on the floor, UofT students have prayed for February to be somewhat not shitty. But with coursework, midterms, and UofT students still having zero game, this month’s only saving grace will be the sweet release of Reading Week. The break from classes will provide many students the chance to catch up on school, recharge their batteries, or even experience joy. One go-getter student is taking the initiative and getting a headstart on Reading Week by skipping all their classes.

Never one to leave things to the last minute (other than assignments, studying, and peeing), fourth year Sociology student Ricky Blackburn started celebrating the Winter Reading Week an entire week before any other student at UofT. Impressive to say the least.

By skipping all lectures and course obligations, Blackburn was able to get in more hours of sleep, stay out drinking later, and avoid the jacked-up Reading Week rates at The Brass Rail. “It looks like Reading Week came early!” shouted an ecstatic Blackburn, simultaneously making a couple fives rain and failing five midterms.

Not all UofT students could be as lucky as Blackburn, however. Reports suggest that most UofT students will wait until Friday February 18th to start celebrating Reading Week, and sadly all will have to pay nearly double what Blackburn paid for a private room at The Brass Rail.

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards & Joseph Strauss



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