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  • Patrick Fraser

Registrar Suggests ChatGPT Transfers to TMU After Finishing with C+

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has only been out a few months but is already making an impact. The auto-generated text platform has shown its ability to succinctly write about scenarios, essays, and more. Many professors have introduced software to detect ChatGPT’s use in their classes.

ChatGPT, buoyed by its meteoric ascent in academia, enrolled at the University of Toronto for the Winter semester. However, the AI-detection softwares proved a challenge for ChatGPT. “ChatGPT reached out in a concise, well-written email asking for learning resources, strategies, and tips,” said Victoria College registrar Jean Lee. “We scheduled a time, but we met fairly quickly since ChatGPT is a fast learner.”

After reviewing ChatGPT’s performance in numerous fourth-year seminars, Lee concluded that UofT might not be the right fit for the well-rounded AI. “ChatGPT has so much potential, I think in a few more years they’ll be way smarter than the entire student body combined.”

ChatGPT gave an air-tight argument against a C+ they had received, but Lee said that she had a different idea. “I think that Toronto Metropolitan University would fit you better, why don’t I forward you their registrar’s email.” ChatGPT responded to this by promising to make the role of registrar wholly obsolete by the end of the decade.



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