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  • Zainab Haider

Report: Timmins, ON to replace Montreal as Hottest Reading Week Destination

UofT students are buzzing with excitement after reading week’s long-awaited arrival. This special time of year is often characterized by students trekking out to exciting destinations like Montreal or Niagara Falls, and making lifelong memories with friends. This particular excitement is embodied by Paulie West as he embarks upon his trip to “the new Montreal”, Timmins, Ontario.

Having already seen what Montreal has to offer, West will be living it up next week in this hidden gem. Upon further research into the party hotspot, The Boundary has learned Timmins is located in northeastern Ontario and boasts a population in the thousands. While we fell short on what young adults can do there, Paulie West assured The Boundary and himself, “This reading week finna be a movie.”

While Paulie West struggled to elaborate what the presumptuous statement meant, he did explain that Timmins is home to some “lit (sic) spots to hit up” such as the famous Timmins Museum and the Timmins Snowmobile Club. Allegedly, large swaths of UofT party animals will be having the time of their lives in downtown Timmins. This rise in tourism will undoubtedly help boost the local Timmanian economy as their tax dollars are currently being eaten up by retirement homes.



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