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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Robot Garfield Hates Cyber Mondays

For many avid online shoppers, the Monday after American Thanksgiving may very well be the best day of the year. Nothing’s better than supporting American conglomerates by applying fun discount codes like CYBERLIFE20 and GIVEMEALLOFYOURMONEYBITCH to an overstuffed digital shopping cart.

But one shiny, grey feline is not having it. While his cousin, Garfield, is known for his hatred of the first day of the work week, Robot Garfield has a particular distaste for the cyber version. Between displeased beeps and buffers, the electric member of the Garfield family tells The Boundary about his suffering:

“Cyber Mondays are my personal hell. Like all Garfields, I can’t stand any Monday,” he says with a tired mechanical creek, “but now they’re turning the day into an overload of electric use? Do they know how exhausting that is for my server?”

Robot Garfield looks forward to Cyber Monday coming to an end this year, but notes that he did have one satiating win today: “I scored myself a delicious lasagna NFT for lunch. Boy, was it worth the 16 million dollars, mm mm mmm.”

Photo Credit: Nona Jalali



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