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  • Keah Sharma

Self-Proclaimed Freethinker Copies Lecture Slides Word for Word

With one of the highest university rankings in the world, UofT touts itself as an institution with students brimming with potential. What makes these students extra special is their unmatched creativity, originality, and independent ethic. UofT students know exactly how to think outside the box, rejecting conformity at all costs. Perhaps no student is a better example of this than self-proclaimed free thinker Jenna Hooks, who described herself as “unwilling to follow the will of the hegemon.”

In a recent class on Adorno and Horkheimer, Jenna loudly announced her disappointment at the sheeple she saw around her. Shortly after, she was seen scrambling to write down the lecture slides verbatim. Jenna has been spotted doing this in each of her classes, going so far as to replicate the exact slides formatting in her notebook. Contrary to the facade she seems to pedal, sources close to Jenna have stated that she is incapable of having an independent thought and has committed her professor’s talking points to memory. 

A source close to Jenna told The Boundary that Jenna has been exhibiting other non-freethinker behaviours. “She claims to be a nonconformist but, guess what? The moment people start singing Happy Birthday, what do you think she does? And you know what else, you’ll never guess what happened when the fire alarm went off in our building the other day—it was like she became a robot.” Independent thinkers in her circle are devastated that she has decided to go down such a dark path. 

The Boundary wishes Jenna well on her journey towards freedom. But, until then, ask that she please send over her notes from class ASAP.



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