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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Stressed Out Student Asks for Extension on What She's Thankful For

We can all agree that this time of year is special. Students are seeing their families again, friends (and leaves) are showing their true colours, and assignments are rapidly eating away at our social lives.

For overwhelmed second-year Jessica Lee, everything was getting to be a bit too much. But, like a good little 90s-average-in-high-school-turned-barely-passing-UofT-student, she made a list of priorities to ensure that all her tasks get done.

Unfortunately for her family, their “what are you thankful for” assignment was nowhere near the top of the list. So, right before her father brought out the lightly seasoned turkey, Lee decided to formally ask for an extension on this difficult task.

Lee tells The Boundary that she had “an anatomy midterm, an organic chemical to make, and an astronomy field trip to the International Space Station all due within the week.” Sometimes, according to Lee, you have to know when your plate is full. “My uncle could learn that one too.”

Lee adds that she hadn’t even started thinking about her Family 101 homework yet: “This ‘what I’m thankful for’ assignment might be the hardest of them all. I have no fucking clue what I would say. Even the classic ‘I’m thankful for living in Canada’ just doesn’t seem right this year.”

This Thanksgiving, The Boundary is thankful for Jessica’s honesty. And, of course, for the six people reading this article.

Photo Credit: Emma Paidra



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