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  • Mauricio Gerdes

Student Applying for Graduation Told They Need More Experience In The Field, At Least a Master's

A student’s final year at UofT is a special time in their life. From reminiscing about long nights at Robarts to finally having the courage to ask out their TA, graduating students have a lot on their plates before they can line up in Convocation Hall. However, the journey to walking across the stage begins far earlier, with their application to graduate on ACORN. This year, the entry requirements for applications seem a bit higher than usual, with some students reporting rejection due to a lack of experience in the field.

The Boundary talked to one rejected student, Richard Harden, who was kind enough to share his experience with us. “It’s ridiculous!” said Harden. “I applied to graduate last night, and this morning, I got an email rejecting me because I don’t have enough experience. This graduation market is insane. I’ve already spent 5 years of my life toiling away, and for what? What else do they expect me to have? A Master’s?!” Harden was later seen wallowing at the Maddy.

While some students are soothing their sorrows with alcohol, others are choosing a more proactive route. The Boundary spoke with a few third-year students who are already strengthening their resumes in hopes of graduating. Cinema Studies specialist Chris Polanski explained that he has already started a Master’s thesis work that “explores the representation of masculinity in Pixar’s Cars.” 

The Boundary wishes good luck to all those hoping to graduate soon. With a slightly exaggerated resume and one dress shirt at the back of your closet, there’s no way they’ll reject you. Unless, of course, there’s a more qualified candidate.



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