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  • Sammy Edwards

Student Claims Answer Key Tattoo “Of Personal Significance”

While any right-minded student cheats without getting caught, the same cannot be said for first-year Economics major Austin Peters. The freshly tatted Peters drew controversy over an arm piece that appeared to be a Course Hero answer key.

One student, who would prefer not to be named, informed The Boundary that Peters’ pencil would not even graze his exam paper without him first deeply admiring his new ink. It took a few trips up and down the rows of desks and several students suggestively coughing before invigilators caught on to Peters’ antics.

Just as he began to check his elbow for the short answer section, Peters faced accusations of his new tattoo of being “an academic offense” and “an unauthorized aid.”

Peters was quick to argue that the tattoo covering his left arm was “of great personal significance to my family and I.”

“I was very close to my late grandfather, 2020-Test2-EABEBCADDB Peters,” said a very livid Peters. “I know that he would have wanted my first tattoo to be not only his name, but also graphs of the macroeconomic concepts dearest to his heart. Is it really academic dishonesty if a student stares at their forearm before bubbling in every answer on their scantron?”

The Boundary has reached out to Peters for comment as he awaits his tribunal hearing. He would like the record to show that he’s “been planning on getting that specific tattoo for years.”

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards



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