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  • Anne Campbell

Student Excited to Attend First Lecture of Semester

The end of winter semester is an exciting time for all. Better weather, more free time, and a brief respite from the crushing depression is right around the corner. But one eager UofT student has a particular occasion to look forward to.

Ryan Cheng, Vic College's most devoted student paused to chat with The Boundary on his way to class. Jittery with nerves, he was barely comprehensible. He had been waiting for weeks, getting his supplies all in order, and it was finally here: his first lecture of the semester.

Showing off the apple he had brought for the instructor, Cheng bragged about the perfect attendance record he'd had since high school. He also shared his hack for making sure the bookstore had any required texts in stock: "you just gotta wait out the rush, even if it takes weeks".

After getting directions to Sidney Smith, Cheng scampered off in a rush. After all, he wanted to be there right on the hour.


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