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  • Patrick Fraser

Student in Res Will Only Drink Beer from Brita Filter

First-year Eric Gagnon has emerged as the life of the party at his Victoria College residence. The popular freshman can often be found cavemanning a beer against his forehead for the entertainment of his many new friends. Seen by some in residence as an oddity, this modern-day circus act never ceases to surprise.

Gagnon loves to drink beer: “Keith’s, Creemore, Sapporo, doesn’t matter. I’ll take whatever is there. I like the local stuff better, especially if it's got a ‘hoppy’ texture.” Recently, he has taken this obsession to the next level. “No beer touches my mouth without first being filtered by my Brita. It just tastes better this way, you can really feel the love that went into making this drink,” he explains, staring at his Red Stripe slowly being filtered drop by drop.

Retailing for roughly $20, Gagnon complains that he keeps having to replace the filters. “Yeah, the beer really messes up the Brita, but it’s worth it. Look, I’m sure that the beer on res is fine and totally safe, but I’d rather wait twenty minutes for my beer to get filtered than drink whatever my neighbour is offering. Beer this good just doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Photo Credit: Keira Engelen



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