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Student Launches Comedy Career Through Course Evaluations

You can hear the sound of knuckles cracking (repeatedly) from Felix Allard’s spacious, one-man Robarts study room as he puts the finishing touches on his course evaluations submissions.

Tired of the "stale, male, and pale" atmosphere at the University of Toronto, Allard's taken biannual course evaluations as an opportunity to test out his more "raunchy and avant-garde" material.

Take POL208.

Seva Gunitsky, the professor, received an evaluation that perfectly showcased Allard’s incisive, Colbert-esque comedy:

“Professor Gunitsky's assignments are like Brexit: deadlines constantly get moved around and no one has any idea what’s going on. The only difference between our lecture hall and Britain? Everyone votes Leave.”

BOOM. Allard hits send.

Who's next?

How about ECO230? asks Allard.

“Despite teaching economics, Professor Cohen doesn’t seem to understand that there’s no demand for his presence in the classroom. We can supply ourselves with the same information without listening to his ‘um’s and ‘ah’s for two hours – if that isn’t efficiency, I don’t know what is (I realize that this is anonymous, but my student number is 88073645219 in case you feel that I deserve extra credit for interweaving course content and criticism).”



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