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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Student Returns From Study Abroad A Completely Different Person

Students who go on exchange always say that their time abroad changed them. Some even claim that they are a different person than they were before they left. It seems, however, that one student really has returned from exchange a completely different person.

According to her friends Hannah, Alexis, and Sara, Marie Anderson is looking and acting quite differently than she was six months ago at her “Bon Voyage à Paris” party.

“She claims she ‘just got a new French haircut’ and ‘immersed herself in the culture,’” says her friend Alexis. “I don’t want to be rude or anything,” she continues, “but she looks and seems more like an old French man with step-children and questionable political views than a 21-year-old girl who spent a big chunk of daddy’s money on a weekend trip to Greece.”

Marie, who asked us to call her Antoine-Louis ‘for short,’ says she had so much fun abroad. “I just really loved ze culture and ze bread and ze churches, etcetera etcetera,” she exclaims, “but I am not so different from before. I love Canada and beavers especially. Hooray, girl time!”

Sara, Marie’s best friend, has noticed that she seems different than before. “Yeah, Marie – sorry, Antoine-Louis – has changed a lot. But I went on exchange too, and I grew a lot too. I actually bike to school now,” Sara says. “I watch a lot of criminal minds,” she continues, “I would know if something was really off with her. Honestly, Antoine-Louis is such a slay name. Maybe I’ll change my name too.”



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