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  • Joseph Strauss

Student Uses Way Too Much Teeth on Oral Exam

With midterms in full swing, UofT students are bearing down for an increased workload. Long nights are being spent at Robarts, plans with friends are getting cancelled rapidly, and students are binge-watching asynchronous lectures like it’s the best show on television. But between juggling five different courses, extracurricular responsibilities, and cooking food multiple times a day, students like third-year Tonya Porter have found themselves more ill-prepared than they’d hoped.

“I generally have good study habits, but I just didn’t have time to prepare for that oral exam,” said Porter. Porter disclosed that she has succeeded on oral exams in the past, but “wasn’t a big fan of the course material.”

Porter’s professor clarified that, despite her recent performance, he remains hopeful regarding Porter’s potential––but his criticism was thorough.“It was too much teeth,” complained her professor. “Nobody’s passing my class with those oral skills.”



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