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  • Boundary Staff

TTC Voted Only Public Transit System in Toronto

In a rather shocking turn of events, the North American Consumer Choice Awards (NACCA) has awarded the Toronto Transit Commission the prestigious honour of “Only Public Transit System in Toronto.”

The news came after an eight-month review, during which the group considered the existence of other methods of transport but came up short. As a result, the TTC reaps the benefits of the accolade.

The Boundary wanted to know what everyday Torontonians thought of the group’s decision. So we hopped on the 510 and asked commuters for their thoughts on the TTC, and why they were on it in the first place.

“I mean, like, I can’t afford a car, so like, I take the bus,” said one man. Many were confused by the nature of the award. Commuters questioned the committee’s motives and demanded answers to questions such as, “what the fuck does this even mean?”

Some riders went so far as to demand a recount of the votes. A spokesman for the NACCA confirmed that, “there is absolutely no chance that there was a miscount,” citing the fact that voter turnout was 100% and that there was really “only one ballot item.”

Photo Credit: The Toronto Star



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