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  • Patrick Fraser

Untouched LSAT Textbook Prominently Displayed On Study Date

TORONTO - The attractions of being a lawyer are obvious: they are well-paid, well-respected, and enjoy promising and versatile careers. Third-year student and aspiring lawyer Ronnie Drew knows this well––and as a desperate bachelor, he’d like to use that to his advantage.

Drew is frequently seen at cafes and libraries throughout Toronto seated across from different women, his brand-new, untouched LSAT textbook prominently on display. “What? Oh, this old thing? Been in my family for years,” he said on one date, picking up the textbook while strategically hiding the price tag. “My great uncle David owned it––or was it Melvin? Either way, they’re both Deans,” he added with a chuckle.

Drew claims that law is simply “in his blood,” and doubts he’ll have much trouble becoming a practising lawyer. “How hard can it be? I’ve watched Suits six, maybe seven times.” Drew also brags that he once submitted a piece on Legally Blonde to UofT’s Pre-Law Society, which he claims they must still be reviewing. Says Drew: “I’m practically a lawyer.”

Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser



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