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UofT+ Allows Students to Stream Own Graduation Without Ads

As graduation gets held online for the second year in a row, many students are grieving their chance to receive a printed degree and shake Meric Gertler’s uncalloused, supple hands in-person. But hope still remains for this academic term’s graduates.

Starting on the last day of Winter 2021 semester classes, April 9th, all graduates are encouraged to sign up for UofT+: the University of Toronto’s brand new online streaming service. The high-tech software is designed to allow for ad-free streaming of this term’s virtual graduation ceremony, ensuring that students don’t miss a single name from the convocation list. Not a single one.

While the free version of UofT online ceremonies will be streamed in measly 240p, chock-full of bookstore ads and Khan Academy pop-ups, UofT+ will offer students an uninterrupted, crystal clear 480p view of the exact same event (at the affordable price of $1000 per semester).

Considering the university’s large student population, UofT humbly requests graduates to pay “at least two more grand, suckers,” if they don’t want the internet connection to cut out during the moment they’ve put in four years of hard work towards: a degree.pdf download and a pre-recorded pat on the back from Gertler himself.

The Boundary is pleased to announce that we have struck an unheard of deal with UofT+ for our dedicated readership. All readers who have liked The Boundary on our Facebook page will receive $10 off their first semester of UofT+ subscription by entering the code “BOUNDARYBOT” on the streaming site. Happy graduating!



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