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  • Hannah So

UTSU Elections Coverage: Controversial Varsity Op-Eds Bring In Voter

In a stunning series of events that has made political pundits dizzy, the triad of controversial op-eds published by The Varsity on the UTSU presidential candidates is projected to result in an immense boost in the UTSU elections turnout. 

Though historically known for its lackluster turnout, the UTSU elections are now expected to bring in a grand total of 32 voters--a staggering one voter increase from last year’s elections. 

The magic number 32, fourth-year political science student Amy Ko, said she was inspired to take action after a particularly poignant social media venture. She spent an hour scouring through a 50+ Facebook comment thread under an article posted by The Varsity, which also marked a record-high number of engagements for the publication. “I just got so pissed off, y’know? Injustices like these demand action. I knew I had to exercise my civic duty. Every. Vote. Matters.” 

In another unprecedented event, The Varsity’s tone-deaf trifecta has managed to spur discussion about the UTSU elections. Students are finally asking the tough questions, such as  “when are the elections?” and “what are these elections for?” 

Students everywhere await the results with bated breath and angry reaccs. The Boundary thanks The Varsity for bringing about such radical improvements to student politics.

Photo Credit: The Varsity



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