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  • Alessia Pattara and Jess LeBlanc

Vic Student Knows Great Underground Spot

Victoria College is renowned for its population of artistic “individuals,” who often can be found smoking cigarettes or giving unprompted thrift store recommendations. The Boundary spoke to a Victoria College student about looking for interesting locations on campus that the average person may not be aware of. 

Montgomery Fields, a 3rd-year Creative Expression & Society and Drama student was eager to share her recommendations. “Well I know this really underground place, I’m sure you haven’t heard of it. Do you know Front Campus? There’s actually this hidden, unmarked set of stairs that leads to this beautiful, cavernous locale underneath. It’s really low-key, kind of industrial-chic, bunker-core, if you know what I mean. It’s the juxtaposition of unbounded maximalism and rigid minimalism that really matches my vibe. Plus, really great acoustics to serenade your date. Like I said it’s really underground, I doubt you’ll be familiar.” 

After investigating this “underground” structure, The Boundary can report sightings of cars, parking meters, and out-of-order emergency poles. When sought for another interview, Fields could not be reached as she was busy taking film pictures of herself writing poetry.



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