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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Vic Student Takes Pictures of Lecture Slides With Disposable Camera

Arguably, absorbing and retaining lecture content in your memory is the whole point of going to class. So, most students try to take notes when they attend lectures. But just when you’re in a slide-copying flow, there’s always some slide with a diagram or a formula or pictures of the Prof’s family that words just can’t capture. So naturally you pull out your phone and snap a sneaky picture of what your notes missed.

Second year Vic student Ari Anderson totally believes in the practice of taking pics of slides, but claims that her simple iPhone fails to capture the right vibe of the slides. Anderson tells The Boundary that whipping out your handy disposable camera instead is the way to go: “The lecture content just really pops on film”, she says.

According to Anderson, there’s nothing like winding up the little clicky thing on the camera, and going full flash in front of the class. “Plus, when you’re done glancing at the pics once, you can add them to your monthly IG disposable photo dump.” She says, “You know, to show how you’re not just cool and quirky, but you also care about your studies.”

When asked if taking such aesthetic pics of lecture slides helps her succeed in class, Ari nodded super convincingly. She recommends that everyone start using disposable cameras in class, but urges you all to remember to credit her with the innovation. “Oh and make sure to get the film developed before your exam, or else that precious film will have gone to waste.”



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