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Editorial: The Boundary Officially Comes Out Against COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has derailed daily routines, ruined sleep schedules, and rendered academic motivation non-existent. As such, in a situation where other student-run publications would sit down, we have decided to courageously stand up. Following a vote at our scheduled weekly Zoom-baya, it has been decided that The Boundary as a whole does NOT support COVID-19. 

We, as a UofT institution, do not want to associate with what this pandemic stands for, that’s for sure. So we’re gonna just come right out and say it: coronavirus is not good.

Others might want to turn the other cheek but we believe we should be turning our cheeks to justice. If taking this stance loses a couple of our 1,062 likes on Facebook, then so be it. 

We hope other major institutions aside from ourselves will follow suit and take a firm stance against coronavirus. Not to fire any shots, but if Netflix can start by cancelling Corona’s three upcoming comedy specials it would probably be a good PR move for them.

We would also like to officially state that though we don’t think all pandemics are necessarily bad, COVID-19 is definitely not invited to our next chill sesh (date TBA, bring your own snacks). 


The Boundary Editorial Team



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