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  • Joseph Strauss

Giveaway! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Trudeau’s Channel for Chance at Vaccine

After internet star and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau teased fans with mentions of a new upcoming video, fans ran wild with speculation. Would Trudeau post an apology video for his blackface and brownface pranks? Would he accept Logan Paul’s invitation to a boxing match? The answer was neither––but viewers were not disappointed.

“Hey Tru-Nation!” said Trudeau in his latest vlog announcement. “I’ve noticed a lot of you commenting stuff on my videos like, ‘Justin, where’s the vaccine? Justin, what about AstraZeneca? Justin, my 92-year-old grandmother with a pre-existing lung condition needs to get a vaccine without standing outside in a snowstorm for two hours!’ Well you know what, guys? Y’all are the best fans in the world––I can never say no to a request.”

Trudeau went on to outline his new plan to give the fans what they want––a free vaccine giveaway.

“All you have to do is LIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE to my awesome channel––let’s get to 38-mil!!––and hope for the best.” Should the contest go according to plan, fans will have a tempting 1 in 37 million chance at obtaining two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

“Let’s make this thing––wink wink––viral.”



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