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  • Adam A. Lam

UTM COVID Outbreak Reaffirms Existence of UTM

The University of Toronto Mississauga’s student union announced on September 30th that two students present at the UTM student centre have tested positive for COVID-19, a stark reminder to UofT students that UTM does indeed exist.

“I feel bad for those students over at...hey, where did you say they were?” said third-year UTSG student Shane Davidson, one of many UofT students alarmed by the recent news that U of T has a Mississauga campus. “Right, Mississauga...yeah, I’ve never heard of it. I just hope it doesn’t spread to the GTA.” 

Joanne Stirling, executive director of communications with UTM, gave a statement regarding the sister campus’ situation in an interview with The Boundary. “UTM is real, just as much as the St. George campus is.” 

Stirling did not specify whether the infected patients were students, faculty, or staff. She emphasized that any denial of UTM existence is mere UTSG exceptionalism, and added that she has never met anyone who has even seen UTSC.

Photo Credit: Rob Beintema/Metroland



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